About Us

Foundation against Islamophobia and Racism (FAIR) is an independent Muslim Human Rights Organisation to address Islamophobia and racism in New Zealand.

It is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation. FAIR was formed to

  • Monitor, document and eradicate Islamophobia
  • Provide a voice and an information channel for victims of Islamophobia and racism
  • Educate to create a Muslim and Migrant tolerant society that supports the aspirations of Tangata Whenua for Tino Rangatiratanga
  • Advocate for the Muslims, Maori’s, migrants, refugees, minorities and everyone from the marginalized communities.

We work with security agencies, enforcement agencies, religious organizations, NGO’S and Government agencies to record white supremacist threats, day to day casual racism, online racism, institutional racism and biased media coverage.

What we do

FAIR is developing projects to meet our aims as capacity and resourcing allow. These projects include:

  • Community workshops on Islamophobia and legal rights
  • Engaging in advocacy and public awareness of racism & Islamophobia
  • Monitoring and reporting on Islamophobia

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